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Fleet Services

Wild Automotive can help your business run strong!

Wild Automotive offers competitive fleet rates. If you have several vehicles requiring regular services as part of your business, we are the less expensive option.  Most fleet repairs can be finished daily to get your cars, trucks or trailers back on the road quickly.

What are the requirements of being a fleet account ? Having more than 3 vehicles in your fleet. This can consist of cars, trucks and trailers; basically anything that helps your business run with two or four wheels.


  • $10.99 Oil Changes (Non Sythentic)
  • $45.99 Sythentic Oil Changes
  • Labor as low as $65.00 per hour
  • Free Tow Service (24 Hour Towing)
  • NET 30 payment Options
  • $199.95 Brake Jobs on cars and light duty trucks


Have we gotten your attention yet? This is how WE SAVE YOU money!

Vehicle operating costs vary, depending on driving patterns and conditions. We’ll use a typical fleet vehicle such as a Ford E-250, Chevy Express Van as our example.

***The projected national average operating cost for maintenance, tires and oil will be 4 to 6 cents per mile during the first six years of operation. Using a conservative number, multiply 5 cents per mile times 25,000 miles and you get $12,500 in vehicle maintenance cost per year. This number only goes up as the vehicle ages.

***According to Government figures, AAA, Fleet management studies, industry publications and from our own personal experience,   when you work with Wild Automotive the price decreases by almost half.

For example, our fleet rate oil change is $10.99 in comparison to local competitors at a typical standard rate of $30. That equals savings of $76.04 per year for EACH vehicle.  This is just a small sample of savings that Wild Automotive will put back into your pocket!